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I used to have a password and username. The new site will not let me log in?
Use the email address you used to create your account, select the "forgot password?" link to have one sent to you. Once you log in, you can change that password back or create a new one. In creating the new Website, for your privacy all passwords could not be transferred. Sorry for the inconvenience.


How do I clean my Framed artwork?
When cleaning the glass of your framed art work, it's best to apply the cleaner directly to the cloth. then wipe the glass. Spraying any liquid on the glass directly can cause the cleaner to run back behind the glass, and will damage the matting and/or print.


Can I add a personal message to my artwork?
Yes, we can add an inscription to Framed and Matted pieces. There are instruction on every product detail as to how to include this information, as well as complete information on the "Personalized Gifts" page. Click here for more Information.


What is an Inscription?
An Inscription would be any message or information you would like to add to one of our Framed or Matted pieces. You would need to indicate how many lines you want it to appear. Click here to see examples.


If I have a favorite quote or scripture, can I have a custom design done?
Yes, we can create custom designs. Click the "Custom Design" link at the top of our web page, or Click Here for more information.


I don't want an Inscription, but it keeps saying "Inscription is required"?
Select the "No Inscription" option in the "Inscription" Drop Down Menu. The shopping cart requires something to be selected in the menu.


I have selected "No Inscription" but it showing an added cost to the artwork I've chosen?
1. Make sure there are no characters, or spaces in the "Message" text field. Then click anywhere in the web page (not a link), to refresh the price shown.
2. After you select "No Inscription" click anywhere in the web page (not a link), to refresh the price shown.